If you’ve been searching for a place where your anger isn’t judged, or viewed as not motherly, or drives people away, you’ve found it. Deep breath. We get you here.

This is your safe harbor for now. I know how scary life can feel when your anger has taken over. When everything sets you off. When you so frequently feel ashamed and guilty. When you have tried everything to “control” your anger and nothing has worked. When it’s making you question who you are and if you’re cut out for motherhood. But let’s put that all to rest for now: it hasn’t worked because you were looking at your anger as something to be conquered rather than listened to. And you are a wonderful mother. 

Let’s get you the support and understanding you need. Breathe in. Breathe out. You’re in the right place.


Lonely in a crowded room: How shame isolates mothers

A few years ago, when I was newly postpartum with my third child, we took a family trip to the zoo on one of the first really nice summer days. The place was more crowded than usual, with lots of kids (and parents) relieved to finally be outside after a cold and rainy...

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Why I love my anger

I’ve always been a person who runs hot, both physically and emotionally. I like my air conditioning cranked up high and I have BIG feelings. I’m quick to anger but also quick to move on. As a teen, my father and I would often have loud clashes – lots of yelling,...

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Surviving the holidays with your boundaries intact

If there was ever a season that pushed for boundary violations, returns to toxic relationship dynamics, and heaps of guilt thrown at you when you deviate from unhealthy patterns, it’s now. This span of time, generally from Halloween until New Year’s Day, is RIPE for...

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